Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

need more arugula

that is all.

uh, green beans too.

don’t forget to pick up an eggplant either.


the boy likes fresh strawberries

and he knows that they are in the front lawn.  He don’t need no stinkin’ clothes to go get them.

great new blog (to me that is)

So, if you are one of the many (many!!) people who read my blog AND People magazine, then you will already know about the blog,, but in case you are not, then I highly recommend his stuff.  It is great.  I will just point you to a single quick post about the blooming peach tree at his daughter’s school.  It reminds me of my peach tree right now and the apricot tree that is now weighed down with over 100 apricots!!!!  OH YEAH!

Anyway, check out his blog.

Carrots and lunch

Well, yesterday was a fantastic Easter, and in the midst of the clean-up and gearing up for the upcoming week, I came across a sprouting onion in our kitchen that my mom had given us in case we could use it.  I thought, well now is the time to use it for something.  I realized I could use it a bag of lentil soup mix that also came from her. (I think!)  Along with a frozen ham bone from some holiday meal  a while back.  I needed carrots and remembered that I had a whole patch of them out front!!!  I threw in some of the last of the shallots and voila, I had a cheap, garden-filled meal that will work for at least a couple lunches, is super healthy and cost me nearly nothing:

Here is the soup at lunch today.  Yuuhhuummm!

So this is something of a milestone for me, though it sounds absurd.  This might be the first time that I have cooked with mine own carrots.  So, whooppee!  Usually I just eat them straight from the ground.  These ones were good fresh as well, though maybe a little overgrown.

White House Garden Update Update

Yes, they did have the planting day, and it was with the same kids who helped dig up the patch of lawn a couple weeks ago.  Apparently, they will have them return yet again and cook some of the food and eat it together.  That is cool.  A few notes:

  1. The emphasis that Michelle is putting on the symbolism of the kids’ participation is simply fantastic along with the connection to eating the food they grow.
  2. Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, was present for the planting.  That is really a big deal, because the Dept. of Ag. has largely been focused on the politics of food growers, whereas his presence at this event emphasizes the politics of food consumers.
  3. I love this last little picture, because it captures what I have striven for in my garden and the garden at my daughter’s elementary school.  Grow things that are visceral: good taste, good smell and visually appealing, because that is what gets embedded in a kid’s mind and becomes the memory and guidepost for the adult in later years.
  4. Uh, it is nice to see Mrs. Obama wearing something more akin to grubby clothes for the gardening.  Turning over the sod in her black dress last time was just not right.

White House Gardening Update

Apparently, today is the day!  I will update as I find out anything!

Thursday, April 9: The First Lady will host an event in the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn of the White House to plant the garden. She will be joined by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and students from Bancroft Elementary, the school that participated in the groundbreaking of the Garden on March 20th. Students from the school will return later this year for harvesting and cooking with the food grown.

Feed It, Then Brace for Bounty –

This is a Teaser for what I am working on.