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potatoes again, maybe

So my last attempt at potatoes failed (pretty badly it turns out) due to some pest, I think pill bugs, so I think that I am inspired by this to try again.  It involves building things, so that’s good.  It is a great example of intensive gardening, so that’s good.  I will employ some methods to keep pill bugs at bay, organically of course, so that’s good too.



  Zane Selvans wrote @

What do you use to deal with pill bugs and other arthropod plagues? We’ve been spraying with Bt, but it just doesn’t seem to *do* anything to the aphids or their kin. There’s ladybugs, but they’re expensive and, well, flighty.

  a wrote @

two words: potato bags.,36-629,default,cp.html

potato, potahto, pakistan, pahkistahn, bin, bag

  chris brandow wrote @

Zane – diatomaceous earth has seemed to work for me in the past. I believe that sinking cups of beer in the ground has also worked well, even better than for slugs.

aaron – right, the bags are nice, but do not involve building anything!

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