Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…


So yet another vegetable that I wouldn’t know much about without home gardens. I vaguely remember my mom growing some and then a friend made some great rhubarb cobbler when I was in graduate school in Georgia. Then some other vague times to have some here and there, but now it is time for me to have some of my own. I planted some seeds in a cup on the window sill. ~6 weeks later, here we are:

You know what probably goes great with Rhubarb in a cobbler? Blackberries (just blossoms for now).



  michelle selvans wrote @

strawberry-rhubarb is my favorite pie/cobbler, as per my Grandma’s recipe…i even adapted the recipe to make a batch of mead a few years ago.

i’d be interested to hear more about your blackberries: CA or European? any special tending? how big and how old? i have a friend who just transplanted some at Prufrock’s from back home (OR) and is wondering if she needs to do anything in particular to get them to take….

  chrisbrandow wrote @

i am growing ollalieberries, which are an old CA berry that is related to the boysenberry, originally from Knott’s Berry Farm.

I doubt that your friend needs to do much to get them to take, they are “vigorous” in their growing and spreading habits. They just need more water than So. Cal. tends to provide. the main thing is that each year after the berries have given fruit, prune off all of the previous year’s growth, allowing the new growth to spread. the old growth will not provide new berries and more than enough new growth will take it’s place.

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