Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

Things I never knew were so good – arugula!

As a part of an ongoing series, I explore foods that I never would have eaten if not for a little patch of dirt to grow them in.

Arugula. This the veggie that I thought only some wacko liberal was supposed to like. But as is often the case I found myself with a packet of seeds and an inkling of interest in something new sparked by a friend’s recommendation. So, I spread some seed for a cutting patch of greens and WOW with a simple vinagraite, or as recommended by a friend, lemon juice, good olive oil, salt and pepper, you are eating good!


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[…] bowlfuls of baby lettuce or grown as a head.  Definitely do arugula in the baby form.  Arugula is THE. BEST. EVER. Good lettuce variety to try is marveille de quatre saison, flashy troutback, lots of romaine […]

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