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View From Your Garden (first anonymous entry!)

Malisa sent this lovely picture of her garden:

things that I mentally note when I see this picture that I think are great:

1. raised beds

2. drip system

3. an adherent to square foot gardening, it seems

Yeah for Malisa!  That’s three points for you.  Plus, I discovered today (from her blog) that she is a teacher, so that is another point!



  Faith wrote @

I think it is beautiful. I have nothing of the sort. My stuff is planted directly in the ground with no organization. As long as the stuff grows right. LOL JK

  malisa wrote @

Thanks guys.

Something has been messed up my/your RSS, I didn’t ‘see’ your last few entries.

Things are much bigger now. I need to take some updated ‘overall’ pictures, but until I fix the strings for the tomatoes that one of the dogs got at…I can’t bring myself to take that picture. I need to do that this evening or tomorrow morning when it’s cool. The tomatoes should like the heat, but not me.

I’m hoping to also get the drip lines run in the last bed this weekend and get them tied to a sprinkler valve this week or next weekend. Because now that we’ve already had some triple digit days, I remember how hard it is to get out there even to move the hose around.

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