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2 apples!! [UPDATED]

2 apples!!

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There are probably Manu reasons why the “small, highly productive,non-
stressful organic farm” pipe dream should remain a dream instead of
being transated into reality, but my prospective yield of 2 apples
(which I am TOTALLY stoked about) from 4 trees is a leading one. Or
at the very least it’s a leadng indicator.

In all seriousness, I am happy to have the two considering that I
planted these trees just as they were flowering and then proceeded to
stress them terribly by not covering their roots well as the beds were
modified in anticipation of the pathway construction.

So I will take my 1/2 apple/tree yield. Since the trees cost $10 each,
I guess that my apples will cost $20 each for this year anyway!

make that THREE apples. Consider all the laments about low yields null and void!
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