Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

View From My Garden

This is the intro to a new feature here at frontyardveggies, where I will post pictures from your gardens. Preference will be given to front yard veggie gardens, of course, but we are not complete fyv elitists, so send them on in. I will start with a couple of overview shots of my own front yard after the much vaunted planting day that we had this last weekend. Of course, most of the progress is under the soil in seed form, so things will look much better in about 3 weeks.

Note: this is my blog, so I get three pictures of my garden in a single post.  You have to bribe me to get a similar treatment!

note the roots in the foreground that were dug out of the bed!

more bags of coffee in foreground.  Can’t get enough  of that stuff.  And a barista told me  that with Starbucks new rebranding, they will be producing even more coffee grounds than before so keep your eyes open for more free soil amendment!of



  pk wrote @

Nice grass!

  Faith wrote @

You can see photographs of my disorganized garden on flickr. HAHAHA

  malisa wrote @

Now that you’ve returned, I’ll post a recent garden pic. It’s not well lit, but it’s recent.

You’re welcome to poke around my disorganized flickr account and see what’s there.

Although my garden isn’t in the front (yet), my beds are similar to yours and my climate seems similar.

  christine wrote @

My husband and I are planning a front-yard urban garden at our house in Humboldt county. It’s a small front/side yard but we are putting in 5, 4×6 raised beds, (96 sq feet of growing space!), plus rasberries, asparagus, grapes, strawberries, & blueberry bushes. The backyard is for the dogs and our fruit trees (3 plums, 2 cherries, 1 apple). Also building a small lean-to greenhouse in the driveway for tomatoes & peppers out of old windows. No pics yet but nice to see yours. It’s hard to get past the “what will the neighbors think?” And also worry about people walking by and harvesting.

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