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You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

View from your garden

Our first official entry in the new feature here at frontyardveggies: a view from your garden. Typically, these should be photos from your front yard gardens, but exceptions to the front yard rule can be made. We are nothing if not flexible. In fact, our first entry is from my good friend Aaron Fortner who is installing a vegetable raised bed in his back yard. We had
installed a small box last year, and boy did he catch the gardening bug. He has assembled and aggressive list of plants to grow and we look forward to seeing how his garden progresses this year!

Note to all the wives out there, if you would like to get your husband interested in vegetable gardening, explain to them that you want a raised bed and that this will involve the use of 1. power tools, 2. digging in the dirt and getting muddy. It will be done.



  aaron wrote @

I have a tiny roma tomato forming!

  aaron wrote @

FYI frost tonight, a full 2 weeks after the Farmers Almanac promised I was in the clear. Conspiracy?

  chrisbrandow wrote @

probably a conspiracy, planned by the same people that burned down the house. only this offense is greater, I am sure…

  aaron wrote @

I’m thinking more along the lines of farmers, maybe the same ones who sold me my tomato plants, conspiring to get me to plant them in mid-April after the Alamanac which they wrote said it would no longer frost, so that I would have to buy more plants.

But they probably burned the house also, as prospective punishment for not buying vegetables from them this summer as a result of my own gardening activities.

Where will it end!?!

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