Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…


Today is planting day at frontyardveggies central! As any gardener knows, the first step is laying out a basic plan and this year is much more cursory than usual, but it is enough. I am just so pleased to have four beds to play with! I put in the tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, and beans and was somewhat confused when they all fit.
Doubling my space really helps!

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  pk wrote @

Just did a little planting myself last night – 8 tomatoes (7 in the bed, one in a pot as an experiment), purple, red, and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, jalapenos, all added to the snap peas, 2 each varieties of carrots and lettuce, broccoli rabe, and 7-top turnips for the greens. There are herbs, melons, squashes, and eggplants to go. Had a dream that a marauding band of rabbits ate it all, but was relieved to wake up and find that all was well. I do have a rabbit family that lives in the back woodsy area behind my house, but they do not tend to maraud. Still, I’d hate to have to have braised wild rabbit with broccoli rabe and tomato salad.

  Ada wrote @

where did you plant the chocolate cake plants?

  chrisbrandow wrote @

I don’t see any problem with braised wild rabbit whatsoever. In fact, I would be hard pressed not to pursue such an option.

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