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cheap soil amendment

This post is just a friendly reminder that one of the best soil amendments that you can put in your soil is used coffee grounds. and you can get tons of them from Starbucks for FREE! I don’t think that you can use too many. Earthworms just love them and they make your soil all dark and yummy. Contrary to popular belief, they do not make the soil acidic. They do help stablize the pH just below 7, which is neutral. I am a chemist. I have used a pH meter to determine this. seriously. Here is my pile of grounds going into the new bed:

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  Sarah Scheidler wrote @

DUDE! you blog… looking forward to hearing all your have to share!!!

  pk wrote @

So, why is the convention to refer to such things as soil amendments, rather than soil addenda? Sure, the purpose is to change the nature and quality of the soil, so “amendment” makes sense from that standpoint. However, you are also adding to the soil, and so “addendum” would fit as well, and is arguably more completely descriptive. Is it a change, or an addition? Both? What is a word for both? “Supplement”?

Just wondering. I have to do something while I now wait the long weeks until harvest.

  chrisbrandow wrote @

pk – the thinking is that you are not simply adding to teh soil, you are changing its composition fundamentally, like constitutional amendments are supposed to do (thus a reason that the prohibition amendment is such an eyesore, no?)

sarah- hi! glad to have another audience member. I think this puts me in the range of 30% audience growth!!

  pk! wrote @

So mix them in, or bury, then spread around later?

  chris brandow wrote @

honestly whatever you have time for. I often dig a little trench, pour them in and cover. earthworms will do the rest. If you will be working that soil regularly, go ahead and do some mixing.

That reminds me to get on this!

[…] Basically, removing existing growth, adding “compost” or bagged manure, or some sort of cheap soil amendment (possibly splurge on some bone meal), and then tilling that up is enough to get you started.  I […]

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