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It’s only the backyard if you’re looking from the front

It’s only the backyard if you’re looking from the front

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I am so so so excited about my royal blenheim tree that I planted last
year. I planted it right before fruiting so I only “harvested” two
tiny apricots. More will come this year indeed.

A fresh, warm apricots directly from the tree is among my most
powerful flavor memories. My grandmother an apricots tree and a
tangerine tree on a flat terrace overlooking a deep arroyo in southern
California. My sister and cousins and I spent many afternoons gorging
on fruit when it was ripe.

So I am as excited about this tree for some of the warm meories as for
the sweet, rich fruit.



  Ada wrote @

Very cool that your kids now are going to have the same memories…

*sigh* I sure wish there was a blog out there that gave me the Spanish translations for Pumpkin and Cucumber… It’s really missing from the blogging community

  Apricots – tipping point « Front Yard Gardens wrote @

[…] have blogged on this before.  But I am posting about the blooming of the apricots this year because this is the third […]

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