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Toaster Oven No-Knead Bread!

If you read any food blogs, and if you are reading this blog, then you almost certainly do, then you have heard endlessly about the famous “No-Knead” bread. Heck, you have probably made a few batches yourself. I have made this bread quite a lot as well. One type of comment that seems to come up a lot, particularly on bread-focused blogs/websites is, “Why do people like this recipe so much, I’ve been making wet dough types of bread for years…” I have thought about this because prior to this recipe, and I can’t say that I made a lot of bread.

I think that the answer is that this recipe is in the tradition of “pure” bread recipes (i.e. those consisting of water, flour, yeast & salt), yet is nearly effortless and is VERY FORGIVING. When I realized this, I thought, “Well, how forgiving is it?” So, I thought, let’s try it in the Toaster oven. Because, frankly if you can make a credible rustic loaf of bread with a crackly crust and moist interior in the toaster oven, well, you have something there!

So, I found a casserole dish that could hold a recipe based on 2 cups of flour. I made a 4 cup recipe (I work approximately from this variation, which I think has even more of a nutty, bready flavor), split it in half and ran the other half as a control in the oven.  I should note that my toaster oven is the $49.99 special at Target.  No fancy convections or ceramics here!

So, here is my toaster oven running at ~400º with tin foil as a top:

and here after 30 minutes covered & 10 minutes uncovered is the loaf:


I will report this so far as a partial success. Unfortunately, I did not have instant yeast and I hadn’t noticed that until my control loaf was also a little dense and “not quite right”, so I will try again. But given that, this is a very auspicious sign. Smeared with butter and hot, this was bread that 90% of most people would find “fantastic”.


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  Roxanne wrote @

When you made this bread, was the dough really liquid–more of a batter? I’m making it now, and that’s what I have.

  Erin O. wrote @

Hi Chris,
Found your blog through Adrea’s – my son Elliot goes to ANS with Pearl. I’m hugely into baking my own bread right now and just have to tell you about this book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I recently checked it out from the library and it is so cool – the idea being that you mix a big batch of the master recipe, which is a wet type of dough, keep it in the fridge, and then just cut off and bake what you need day to day. I think I included a loaf when I took dinner to you guys a few weeks ago when Maggie was recovering from her surgery.
Anyway – glad to see you have this blog. I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about your garden as that is something I would like to start trying as well.
All the best,
Erin Orr

  chrisbrandow wrote @

thanks for telling me. I just got that book just after christmas and LOVE it. I thought that the bread you brought was either no-knead or 5-minute bread. Thanks so much for the meal in the first place, and thanks for the bread.

  Jenny wrote @

Hi Chris,

Just curious to know why you didn’t bake the bread on your toaster tray? I’m thinking I’d like to try the Artisan bread in the toaster oven instead of a regular oven cuz it’s really really hot out now. As well, did you coat your dish with anything before putting in the dough?

Thanks in advance!

  chris brandow wrote @

the main issue was that I was modeling the no-knead bread from article by bittman. they used a covered container. I have now learned to do better than that, however, the amount of heat that my little toaster oven can put out is barely adequate, so by heating the container first, it helps store a good bit of heat.

no coating is needed. this forms a nice crust that does not stick.

  sandrar wrote @

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