Front Yard Veggies

You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

Les Echalotte

Now it might be hard to get the scale, but these are big ole’ shallots. That is my large kitchen knife nestled among them for scale. To my eyes looking at the picture, it looks like my paring knife!

These are shallots that I harvested in the summer and had not gotten around to planting yet. I finally planted some of them last night and these are the leftovers. I have offered some as seed to friends, and I think that I might cook up some of the others for dinner tonight. I am going to try to caramelize the. I’ve never done that and it might be fun!

The best part about shallots is that for such a seemingly “fancy” vegetable, they are probably one of the easiest of all to grow. Stick a single clove ~3 inches below ground, water and wait until June-July and pull out a large mass of huge cloves. No pests, no problems. They also send up cool allium “blossoms” that are fun to look at, though I tend to cut them out so that they don’t retard the growth of the cloves.

I bought my first sets from

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