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You can’t grow everything you eat, but you can eat everything you grow…

Saffron Crocus

Just in case you wondered where saffron comes from.  It is the pistil of the saffron crocus, pictured below.  I just got the above corms in the mail, though I am afraid that they are a little late, but I think that early October might qualify as late September.  This is a classic purchase for me.  Much of my learning about cooking has come from growing things that I thought were cool.  And then I grow things I want to eat.  It is a virtuous, tasty circle.

saffron croces



  Edward Fan wrote @

Does saffron grow in Vancouver area, BC Canada? Where can I buy saffron bulbs? Thanks!

  sativus wrote @

I’m sorry but my english is verry bad,(i’m french) I don’t know grown saffron in Vancouver but there are the climat is verry important for him, the winter cold and the summer hot
2 months hot in the summer

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